I started at the Dawe in 1999, the same year I got married to my husband Jon.  Before that I taught first grade in Palm Springs, Florida for a year.  From 1999-2008 I taught first grade. From 2008-the present I have taught second grade.  I absolutely LOVE teaching second grade.  At this age they are still so excited about school and such eager learners, while becoming independent learners.


I received my undergraduate degree in Educational Studies at Salem State College (now University) in 1996.  I started working towards my masters degree at Wheelock College in Boston shortly after graduating from Salem.  I received my masters degree in 1998.  In the fall, I moved to Florida for a year.  Realizing I wanted to be back in Massachusetts, I moved back in 1999. 


In my personal life I've been married to my wonderful husband Jon since July 31, 1999.  He is also a teacher.  He is at Foxboro High School where he teaches business.  I had my first child, Joey, in 2002.  Then I had my second child, Amanda, in 2004.  On my spare time I like to spend quality time with my family since we are always running in a million different directions.  

This picture was taken the summer of 2018 during our family trip to California.  We are on the roof of Mr. McCabe's cousin's building in LA!  

About Mrs. McCabe

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